Preventive Health Care

On this we educate people on how to prevent ill health and diseases by having one on one or group discussion with community or workers in the same environment. We also have Radio talk show.

Holistic Health Care

In this we look after our client from all ramification of health; physical, mental and physiological ways.

Health Coaching

This is our STAR approach to our client various problems. We approach our clients problem from various angle with PRIMARY FOOD been the down of the healing our client get.

Out patient Care

For our client who need immediate and urgent attention for specific diseases or illnesses.


Admission into our comfortable wards and room for in-house treatment of various health conditions.


Our well trained ultrasound logistics are at hand to get immediate diagnosis of our client ailments for quick and timely intervention by those concerned.


This is our ultramodern ECG machine that greatly notices ailments in the heart and blood vessels for urgent intervention before they turn very fatal.

Public Health

We are concerned about our environment and the health of any community, where immediate health care is needed in times of outbreak of epidemics and sudden ailment that has to do with their immediate environment. We also give community consultations on prevention of diseases that have potential to go epidemic.

Home Visitation/Consultation

We also do home visit for those of our clients who prefer to be in their COMFORT ZONE to get our services in their HOME